Sean Nicholas Savage :: Heartless

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Sean Nicholas Savage’s new album is due out on May 13th. As best as I can count, this will be his 8th album in about five years. It certainly sounds like a slightly more subdued or mature Sean. If you’re interested in become a Sean Nicholas Savage completist, the entire Canadian crooners oeuvre is rather affordable. Just hop over to his bandcamp and Arbutus records, I can’t think of anything better to listen to in the midst of April showers.

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VEDAS :: Exhume EP

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Alex Lee of the rising DC ambient pop duo VEDAS describes the musical project with eloquence. “We write what we feel”, he’s says. There’s no doubting his and collaborator Andrew Monbourne’s obsession with tangible emotion and expressionism through sonic structure. Their very first track “Ruin” was an enjoyably aimless drift through resonant piano and twinkling synthesizer effects, where Lee’s acrobatic tenor threaded us through an intense pall of uncertainty. Like Victoria Legrand from Beach House or Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, Lee’s vocal control transcend their medium, and “Ruin” slowly unravels itself as something outwardly gorgeous but inwardly thorny and dark.

VEDAS’ newest cut from their debut EP Exhume plunges even further into sonic expressionism. “Mis Rajh” is like hypnagogia, halfway between clarity and confusion; however, Lee’s croon and Monbourne’s slow-loping drums guide the listener to a place that embraces any mood or tension. Very similar in effect to some of The Antlers’ longer, more halcyon jams, VEDAS’ galactic and moody pop obeys it’s first EP’s title: “Mis Rajh” and “Ruin” are quietly turbulent catalysts for emotions that only good music can embody and summon to the conscious surface.

Check out both tracks below and get excited for the Exhume EP, out today!

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Some Pulp :: Oh Oh (Who’s Crying Now)

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Minneapolis trio Some Pulp is out with their self-titled debut. A self-recorded adventure in DIY lo-fi pop/rock released via Forged Artifacts Records. The album will be available for free download on May 6 and additionally, you can pre-order some very hip, limited edition yellow tapes HERE. Enjoy…

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Giveaway : Galantis at 9:30 Club on 4/24 + Smile

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Swedish EDM masterminds Christian Karlsson from Miike Snow and Linus Eklow of Style of Eye have synthesized their sonics in the form of Galantis, a maximized club pop project that isn’t afraid to drop the bass. The duo’s eponymous EP is out now on Big Beat, and it’s an exercise in consistent and precise production. Songs like “You” and “Revolution” are pleasurable because they’re filled with the sounds of EDM’s diverse history from London and Berlin, and never shy away from rewarding crescendos.

If you’re in D.C., you’re in luck: Galantis will be guiding 9:30 Club through their energetic discography on Apr. 24. And even better—we’ve got two tickets to share with the first person to tell us what top 10 hit Linus Eklow co-wrote. Tell us in the comment section or tweet us @newdust. Afterwards, check out the pretty-NSFW video for “Smile” above. For those who aren’t winners, grab tickets HERE and We’ll catch you there!

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Frankie Knuckles :: Your Love

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Last week, the music world lost an original. Not too many people can say they pioneered a distinct genre, a genre that then went on to transform popular music and spawn hundreds of subgenres…Frankie Knuckles can say that. Here are a bunch of great tributes to Mr. Knuckles published this past week, they are all worth checking out. Here is a one of Frankie’s best known track which you’ll most likely recognize as as the source of the main sample from Animal Collective’s “My Girls”. Enjoy.

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Sleepy Sun :: Galaxy Punk + video

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Northern California’s Sleepy Sun is out with a brilliant psych-pop track “Galaxy Punk”. The lead single off the upcoming Maui Tears, blasts out of the gates with lead vocalist Bret Constantino belting away in the style of a 70s rock crooner. Slowing down for the bridge, the band’s rhythm section shines, showcasing the instrumental talent the band has cultivated through years of touring. The band’s fourth release Maui Tears will be released soon via Dine Alone Records. We cannot wait to hear more — so stay tuned and enjoy.

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Dead Heart Bloom :: So It Goes

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Over a decade ago in Washington, D.C., Boris Skalsky & Paul Wood were making waves in the shoegaze quartet Phaser, having landed on NPR’s Top 50 Music Releases Of 2003. They’ve since teamed up with Jason Molina, former drummer of Longwave, one of my favorite bands to have emerged from the post-punk revival of the 2000s, to form the 3-piece Dead Heart Bloom. Their recently released EP So It Goes is a perfect blend of garage rock and new wave; exactly what you’d expect from three seasoned shoegazers.

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