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why advertise on newdust? is one of the fastest growing indie music blogs on the web, providing the perfect venue to get your message to an ever-expanding audience of people who care about music. Plus, we don’t do this for a living (yet), so our rates are pretty cheap. Continue reading to find out more about our readers.

who visits newdust?
Our average reader is between the age of 18-32, with the majority hailing from the United States (66%), United Kingdom (6%), and Canada (3%). We reach over 15,000 unique readers a month (20,000 Page Views/Month), and this number is steadily increasing on a monthly basis.

who do I need to contact?
For all advertising inquiries and requests please contact I’ll send you a more in-depth look at our site statistics if interested and we’ll go from there. If you have any other questions, please ask.

– Travis Self
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