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Pure Bathing Culture :: Pray for Rain

July 31st, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
Great hook and a great sound on Pure Bathing Culture’s latest track “Pray for Rain”. Off the album of the same name which comes out on October 23 on Partisan Records.

High Tides :: Psychic Love Damage

July 22nd, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
Enjoy the southern-California electronic duo of High Tides. The band has taken a good turn, signing to TOBACCO’s label Rad Cult and embracing a hybrid of darker LA-noir sounds with song structures similar to someone like Washed Out. Grab the self-titled album on July 31.

PREVIEW and GIVEAWAY: 2015 Full Moon Fest in NYC (August 1)

July 17th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
Newdust is excited to preview and hype up the oh-so-fun and cool Full Moon Fest in NYC. The festival is happening on August 1, at the Brooklyn Mirage in East Williamsburg. The venue is apparently decked out with tropical vibes that will undoubtedly make a good set for the summer festival. We are giving away two tickets to the show, so tweet @newdust or comment below to win. In the meantime, listen up to all the bands below and grab your tix HERE.

Bear Hands :: Agora (Com Truise Remix)

October 29th, 2014 : Post by :: Categories

There’s nothing like a catchy, upbeat song that subverts its melody with a dark and depressing narrative. This spoonful-of-sugar method of delivering powerful pop with a bite is an age-old model, and doesn’t need to be reinvented in order to be successful. Bear Hands’ great track “Agora” is the recipe’s epitome. Jagged yet warm, the early 2014 single follows an individual who has overcome his fears of insularity and seclusion–it surely feels upbeat and optimistic, yet there’s anxiety in the lyrics and Dylan Rau’s vocals. So maybe Bear Hands is promoting an appreciation for solitary life and companionship, pain and pleasure, night and dark. Who cares–“Agora” is a blast of energy that’s meaningful with or without it’s contradictory messages and form.

And just in case it didn’t increase your heart rate and psych you up enough, Com Truise has blessed Bear Hands’ with a truly ecstatic remix of the song. Check it out below, and go get the group’s newest album Distraction, out now through Cantora Records.