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Andre Chrys :: Window to Nowhere

October 7th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
No stranger to the indie music scene Andre Chrys is set to release his latest album Window to Nowhere October 15. With songs ranging from blues,classic rock and soul — Chrys hit every mark and has created a classic body of work. “Window to Nowhere”, the lead single off the album, is a great introduction into Chry’s world. Sit back relax and let the smooth sounds take you to another place!

words by Kendra Marshall

Reptar :: Amanda (alternate version)

September 29th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
Set to embark on tour October 12 in support of their latest LP release Lurid Glow Reptar has also released an alternate version of the single “Amanda”. The alternate version has more of an upbeat, rhythmic feel. Known for their energetic and lively shows, Reptar chose to be a bit more tamed in their latest LP release. However, the live shows are sure not to disappoint. The band is in DC on October 13 at U Street Music Hall.

words by Kendra Marshall

Tanlines :: Palace (video)

September 17th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
5 minutes to spare? Check out Tanlines’ hilarious celeb-flled video for “Palace”, directed by Alex Karpovsky (of HBO’s Girls) and Teddy Banks.

words by Ashleigh Liggett

Party Nails :: Break

September 16th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
Elana Belle Carroll better known as Party Nails is a fresh face on the Indie scene. Her newly released single “Break” has an insane pop beat which hopefully means she has staying power. Party Nails who’s originally from NY moved to LA signed with NEON GOLD and birthed her new sound. This indie-pop vixen is sure to crowd dance floors and get the world dancing with her music. Stay tuned…

words by Kendra Marshall

Clones of Clones :: Somebody Else

September 15th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
It easy to get on board with Clones of Clones after listening to their single “Somebody Else”. The track is off their new album Monster Heart which is set to be released on October 6 and available for pre-order on Itunes now. These fellow Washingtonians have already been compared to some other pretty awesome bands like Modest Mouse and Kaiser Chiefs. Clones of Clones are currently gearing up to do a promo tour for the album and it’s sure to be great from start to finish. For now let’s crank the sound and enjoy “Somebody Else”.

words by Kendra Marshall

Model 86 :: Self Help Dance EP

September 7th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories

MODEL 86, aka Matthew James Wilcock’s, forthcoming EP Self Help Dance takes influence from “modern electronica, 90’s hip hop, film scores, unusual samples and sound design.” Preview the EP through a provocative (NSFW) animated teaser (think illustrated nudes dancing around as directed by Palme d’Or-winning Ely Dagher) or listen to two full-length tracks on his Soundcloud page.

“CTRL” starts off slowly, like a peaceful swim along an ocean floor with rays of sun quietly beaming down from above. It’s a style of sound that surrounds you — a perfect blend the likes of Tycho and Copy. In contrast, “Friend” is quick-paced, jumpy, and dancey. An upbeat melody cascades through the track, creating an abstract texture of sounds with an unexpected ending. The remaining eight songs are said to drop on September 18.

While you wait, check out the latest release under Wilcock’s name: an hour-long mix titled “I’ll Be Back For My Body”, featuring work from artist like Flying Lotus, Nicholas Jaar and MF DOOM. It starts off strange but hits normalcy at around the 15 minute mark. Definitely worth a listen.

words by Ashleigh Liggett

Twin Danger :: Coldest Kind of Heart

September 2nd, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
When you hear Twin Danger, you may automatically think it’s describing a pair of nefarious twins. However, Vanessa Bley 1/2 of Twin Danger describes the name as simply a person having two sides to themselves ( one good and one bad). One would describe their sound as Cocktail Jazz but to ask the band they would say it’s a mixture between Frank Sinatra and The Clash. Stuart Matthewman, the second half of Twin Danger was once the man behind another famous singer Sade(!). He lent his writing skills to two of her biggest hits; “No Ordinary Love” and “Your Love is King”. Vanessa also has an impressive pedigree as the daughter of legendary jazz pianist Paul Bley. With the foundation that had been set, it would almost seem as if these two were destined to connect at some point. On June 30 this year their self-titled debut album was released and which you can grab over at Itunes. Twin Danger may not be traditional in their sound, but the depth and quality of the music transcend any skepticism or uncertainty. So play on Twins…

words by Kendra Marshall