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Twin Danger :: Coldest Kind of Heart

September 2nd, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
When you hear Twin Danger, you may automatically think it’s describing a pair of nefarious twins. However, Vanessa Bley 1/2 of Twin Danger describes the name as simply a person having two sides to themselves ( one good and one bad). One would describe their sound as Cocktail Jazz but to ask the band they would say it’s a mixture between Frank Sinatra and The Clash. Stuart Matthewman, the second half of Twin Danger was once the man behind another famous singer Sade(!). He lent his writing skills to two of her biggest hits; “No Ordinary Love” and “Your Love is King”. Vanessa also has an impressive pedigree as the daughter of legendary jazz pianist Paul Bley. With the foundation that had been set, it would almost seem as if these two were destined to connect at some point. On June 30 this year their self-titled debut album was released and which you can grab over at Itunes. Twin Danger may not be traditional in their sound, but the depth and quality of the music transcend any skepticism or uncertainty. So play on Twins…

words by Kendra Marshall

Atlas Genius :: A Perfect End

August 28th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
Alternative indie rockers, Atlas Genius are on their way to becoming household names. They have plays on Spotify exceeding over twenty million and a rather expanding fan base. These Australian born rockers have two well received albums under their belt, Through the Glass and When it Was Now. On August 28th they are set to release a third entitled Inanimate Objects. They’re currently gearing up to do a nineteen city U.S tour which starts August 30th in San Francisco. After an album release and a tour, what else could be next for the Aussie’s? I’m sure whatever it is Atlas Genius won’t disappoint. Till then rock on and prosper!

words by Kendra Marshall

Sleepy Brother :: Glimpse

August 25th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
If you haven’t heard of Sleepy Brother then you definitely should check them out. Coming from Richmond, VA this singer­-songwriter duo’s potential is evident. Their new album Let in the Light is now on Spotify and Itunes and it’s received rave reviews. “Glimpse”, one of the stronger songs off the album, is full of light and airy tones — a beautiful coming of age song. Sleepy Brother’s easy listening vibes are something special and we can’t wait to hear more from the Richmond based duo.

words by Kendra Marshall

Gin Wigmore :: Written in the Water + show Rock & Roll Hotel on Sept. 11

August 18th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
New Zealand’s Gin Wigmore will be performing at the Rock & Roll Hotel on September 11th, and this is a hot ticket you don’t want to pass up. Her smash single “Written in the Water” is from her upcoming album Blood to Bone, which is out on August 28th on Island Records. Gin’s unique style and retro soul vibe are sure to impress. She is the total package of talent, personality, and charisma — a triple threat if you will. Stepping out boldly, and being even more hands-on with the new album has proven to be conducive to the force that is Gin Wigmore. With nothing holding her back, Gin is ready for the world to know just who she is, and it’s going to be a wickedly cool ride…

words by Kendra Marshall

Sean Nicholas Savage :: Suburban Nights

August 3rd, 2015 : Post by :: Categories

Sean Nicholas Savage’s “Suburban Nights”, which is off his new album Other Death, which is set to be released in September. “Suburban Nights” has a very mellow sound and Savage’s light vocals on top of the tranquil track are a perfect combination. The term easy listening comes to mind when playing this song because its so relaxing and serene and with its distinctive beat it’s sure to make anyone stop and take a listen. The Canadian born singer did everything right, from the vocals to the lyrics. Everything compliments the other and could very well be one of the best tracks off his upcoming record.

words by Kendra Marshall