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Totemic :: Falling

April 16th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories ,
Totemic Doug Penny, aka Totemic, is a producer/DJ/violinist making waves in the eclectic electronic scene of Toronto, Canada. His flavor of drum and bass combines complex, unique beats with lusciously layered, atmospheric synth and violin. Think Amon Tobin meets Emancipator. Falling is the title of his upcoming EP due out May 17th. Here’s the title track for the EP along with another great track released earlier last year.

Ramsey :: 2am

April 3rd, 2016 : Post by :: Categories
Ramsey…Goddamn. She is blowing up right now and for damn good reason. I shared a couple of my favorites of hers a little over a month ago. Just 19 days ago she dropped a fresh new single on us, the dark and mysterious 2am, already buzzing with 195,000 plays. Her writing and producing styles, along with that unbelievable voice, is truly intoxicating. I cannot wait to hear more from her!

Newdust Mixtape No. 24 :: You Like Jazz, Evan?

March 29th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories
Newdust Mixtape No. 24 :: You Like Jazz, Evan?

  1. “You Like Jazz, Evan?” / Scott Hamilton :: Cop Out (Intro) (0:13)
  2. Emapea :: Milky Haze (0:42)
  3. Radj :: Berinbau (04:50)
  4. Thrupence :: Andy Kaufman (09:08)
  5. L’indécis :: Happy Hours (11:26)
  6. Skalpel :: 1958 (13:26)
  7. Price :: Your Name Is Love (15:42)
  8. The Cancel :: Just Move (16:51)
  9. somehowArt :: Don’t Look Back (18:42)
  10. Anitek :: The Formless (21:04)
  11. Qiwu :: The Dude Song (23:40)
  12. SmokedBeat :: Amor (26:20)
  13. Jazz Jousters, SmokedBeat :: Masabumi Interlude (28:37)
  14. Bugseed :: Corner Pocket (29:35)
  15. Neroche :: Side Effects (31:44)
  16. Jonny Drop :: In The Moonlight (Howard Tate Vs. Ella Fitzgerald) (34:50)
    Scott Hamilton :: Cop Out (Outro) (38:00)

    * The Jazz Singer (1927)

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Newdust Mixtape No. 24 :: You Like Jazz, Evan?

Night Marcher :: Scars

March 24th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories ,
If Robert Plant, Jack White, and the My Morning Jacket collective melded minds and churned out a handful of tunes, you would have Modern Maze, the debut album from Night Marcher. Rob Reinfurt, a seasoned songwriter of the nitty-gritty blues, formed the band with a slight divergent from his first lovechild, The Weekenders, which is a more bluesy, heavy-on-the-distortion rock group. After a clash with the law involving allegations of some pretty serious marijuana trafficking, Reinfurt made it out unscathed, and has since found his songwriting much more mellow, reflective, and soulful. Here is my favorite from their upcoming freshmen release Modern Maze.

Bryan Deister :: Spines Of The Heart

March 16th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories ,
Bryan Deister is a newcomer to the world of songwriting. I mean sure, he’s classically trained in modern music technically, but he’s been spending all of his time and efforts in the classical and jazz departments, and not to mention his tireless academic devotion as a current student at Berklee College of Music. His freshmen effort, rightfully named Spines of the Heart, is extremely bold, dark, and moody – a collection of melancholy grunge-pop tunes heavily influenced by the almighties Thom Yorke, Kurt Cobain, & Bjork. In all honesty a lot of the songs on this album really didn’t tickle my fancy in the slightest, but as a young and fairly new-to-this songwriter/composer, I can already see that Deister is truly a diamond in the rough.
There is one song from the album that is destined for heavy rotation: the loner upbeat track of the bunch, and heavy on the Strokes-vibes pop song “Into The Sky”.

The Cancel :: Jungle

March 7th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories
The Cancel :: Jungle Any of you fine listeners planning on backpacking through any rainforests anytime soon? Hip-hop collaborative/producer The Cancel‘s latest album Jungle is the perfect companion to satisfy your wanderlust. A seamless blend of tribal vibes, jazz, and bossa nova, Jungle is extremely satisfying for the trip-hop-heads among us. I’ve been wading ear-deep through the jazzy trip-hop waters for several years now, and find myself floating alongside The Cancel’s productions more than anything else. Here are my two favorites from the new record:

Newdust Mixtape No. 23 :: Vapedust

February 29th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories
Newdust Mixtape No. 23 :: Vapedust

  1. Galimatias :: Ocean Floor Kisses
  2. Koresma :: Clouds (03:34)
  3. Neguim Beats :: Jazz feat. Kolombiano (06:48)
  4. Akryte :: Film Strip (10:09)
  5. Tennyson :: No Answer (12:05)
  6. Integer :: Rivière Noire feat. Katja (14:28)
  7. AstroLogical :: Loafers (18:24)
  8. Flako :: Demon’s Lullaby (21:12)
  9. Joey Pecoraro :: Tired Boy (24:08)
  10. Ev Ree Wuhn :: Sapporo (27:30) *
  11. Liam Back :: Stop The Bullet (31:13)
  12. Hubert Daviz :: 3_andablunt (34:38)
  13. Space Gang :: Smok’d Up (35:02) **
  14. Harald Kindseth :: Botanique (36:01)
    *Sampled Menahan Street Band – Ivory And Blue Reprise
    **Sampled The Midnight Eez – Childhood Memories (noise track)

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Newdust Mixtape No. 23 :: Vapedust