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7fields :: Heart In A Cage (Strokes Cover)

February 8th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories
7fields - Heart In A Cage Wolfgang Schrödl, aka 7fields, takes The Strokes‘ 2006 single “Heart In A Cage” and strips it down to its bare bones, leaving behind only a simple acoustic melody and haunting vocals to match the gloomy, melancholy lyrics of Cassablancas. After spending a decade as frontman in the German indie-pop group Liquido, Schrödl decided “it was about time to focus on my own ideas that reflect where I’m standing now in my life.” Following the Strokes cover are two singles in the same musical vein – bare bones, minimalist, heavy-hearted songwriting. Check out the singles on Soundcloud and keep an ear out for more from Schrödl in the not too distant future.

Sleepwreck :: Take It Apart

February 5th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories ,
When robots eventually become self-aware, they will likely acquire a taste in music, and almost certainly get the itchy feet to start dancing. Sleepwreck will undoubtedly be in heavy rotation on the robot dance floor. Self-described as “the sound of cyborgs dancing around a ritual bonfire”, or as I like to think of it as the sound of the cyborgs’ Burning Man, Jesse Davis Selkirk’s musical stylings is a tasteful combination of euro-dance and prog rock.
At times Sleepwreck provides the phat beats and tribal groovage that is sure to make that booty drop; other times it is much more heavy, with distorted guitar licks & trip-hop beats – a sound fit for the head-banging shoe-gazers among us. His latest offering, “Take It Apart“, from the upcoming release Disasterpiece, is of the latter persuasion, how I imagine a mashup of Tool and The Faint might sound like.
Disasterpiece is set to release February 12th on East Van Digital.

Port of Est. :: Valentine In My Headphones (Video)

February 2nd, 2016 : Post by :: Categories , ,
Port of Est :: Valentine In My Headphones (Video) Vocalist Hannah Tarkinson and producer Todd Kitchens joined creative forces in 2013 to form the deeply moody, electronic pop duo Port of Est. The Portlandians (of the Maine variety) spent a good part of their first year together trying to find the perfect balance in their musical tastes to compliment their unique styles. “Valentine In My Headphones” gives us a taste of the lovely chord that was struck when everything clicked: a complex blend of shoegaze and drum and bass – a true soundscape of IDM-pop grandeur. Check out “Valentine In My Headphones” on Soundcloud, and keep an ear out for the official release on February 14th (naturally) on Port of Est.’s own Delphinium Music.

Bitter’s Kiss :: No One Will (Video)

February 1st, 2016 : Post by :: Categories
Here’s another great track from the talented young Chloe Baker, aka Bitter’s Kiss. Much like her single “Love Won’t Make You Cry“, “No One Will” is a reminder of the rollercoaster ride that is young love. I remember the feeling of hopelessness I felt in ever finding true love again after my high school girlfriend broke up with me. As Chloe puts it “No one will ever love me again” – I must have said it myself at least a hundred times during the weeks and months that followed my disastrous break up. But despite the hopelessness of these lyrics, “No One Will” is a somewhat upbeat indie rock tune, though the feelings of teenage melancholy somehow shine throughout the track. Check out the rest of her self-titled EP here.

Newdust Mixtape No. 22 :: Pirate Radio

January 27th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories
Newdust Mixtape No. 22 :: Pirate Radio

  1. Intro* / PSTGRD :: Prime
  2. Yppah :: Bushmills (01:21)
  3. Cloud Control :: Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why) (05:00)
  4. White Denim :: Drug (08:45)*
  5. Tame Impala :: ‘Cause I’m A Man (11:33)*
  6. Wake Owl :: Candy (15:38)*
  7. Joan As Police Woman :: The Magic (edited) (19:50)
  8. Monster Rally :: Ikebana Garden (22:21)
  9. Paper Tiger :: The Bully Plank (24:35)
  10. Outro* / The Beatles :: A Day In The Life
    * Soundclips from Radio North Sea International, Radio City, and various other pirate radio stations of the ’60s and ’70s.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Newdust Mixtape No. 22 :: Pirate Radio

Mind The Journey :: Color In The Gray Machine

January 27th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories ,
Spencer Sabo is a rather young psychedelic dreamer. Under the moniker Mind The Journey, his latest album Color In The Gray Machine dives straight into the deep-end of experimental psychedelic rock. Honestly, though, the complexities of this album stretch far beyond the psych-rock genre. Unequal parts Tame Impala, The Faint, and Nirvana, Color In The Gray Machine reverberates throughout your noggin, with every drumbeat, guitar, synthline, and vocals carrying with it a heavy dose of melancholy distortion. His voice seems as though it is being dragged against its will through each song – sluggishly lingering with every syllable. But as much as this sounds like a bad thing, it pairs surprisingly well alongside these fuzzy, off-grunge, electronic psych tunes.
Color In The Gray Machine is Spencer’s first full-length album as Mind The Journey, and it is a truly enjoyable experience. “Rose Colored Glasses” is how I imagine it must feel like to make it out of a bad acid trip in one piece – starting out quite loud and chaotic, and then coming to a crashing halt with an abrupt change in tempo, tone, and overall mood early on in the song, causing you to almost forget the chaos that invaded your ears just minutes earlier.
Check out the album in its entirety on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Youtube.

Joel Ansett :: Turn To Gold (VIDEO) + Already In Love

January 6th, 2016 : Post by :: Categories ,
Folk-pop songwriter Joel Ansett is killing it right now. Fresh off glowing reception at Lyons, CO’s Folks Festival, receiving 5th place honors in their 2015 songwriter showcase, Ansett’s latest The Nature of Us is a tour de force, a charming blend of folk and R&B.
His music really speaks for itself. Grab the album on iTunes here, and in the meantime, check out the live version of “Turn To Gold” above, and listen to “Already In Love” below, two songs from the album that showcase the two sides of Ansett’s versatile sound.