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Joseph Sant :: Nor’easter :: Sea White Salt

December 23rd, 2015 : Post by :: Categories
Joseph Sant - Sea White Salt

I’m really digging this new EP from Seattle-native Joseph Sant. Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Sant cranked out the 4-track Sea White Salt with producer, bandmate, and long-time friend Gabriel Gavin in a handful of wintered, overnight marathons at the since-then extinct Four-Foot Studios in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, alongside a handful of other talented musicians. Since moving up to Washington state a couple years back, I’ve noticed a lovely commonality among artists who call the Pacific Northwest home – they bring luscious, woodsy, dreamlike vibes to each of their songs, with immense, spacious layers of sound and instrumentation that can really draw you in (see: Manatee Commune, IG88, Tomo Nakayama).
“Nor’easter” is a great example of the kind of echoed, reverb’d goodness found in abundance throughout the recordings, alongside clean, beautifully-toned guitar melodies, and haunting lap-steel licks that really blur the line between shoegaze and indie folk rock. Keep an ear out for the EP Sea White Salt, due out January 14th, 2016. Until then, here’s “Nor’easter”:

Bitter’s Kiss :: Love Won’t Make You Cry (video)

December 14th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories ,
Chloe Baker, aka Bitter’s Kiss, is a teenage singer/songwriter with enormous potential. Her self-titled EP came out earlier this year, and plays out like journal entries in a diary; a way to share with her audience the trials and tribulations associated with becoming of age in this modern world we live in. “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is a poignant list of all the things that love isn’t – to remind us of the potential of what young love can be. Check out the video for “Love Won’t Make You Cry” and stream a handful of tracks from her self-titled EP here.

Mleo :: New Single “Ridiculous” + “Round Two (If you Feel It)”

December 12th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories ,

Audrey Reed, Victor San Pedro, and Nick De La O, together known as Mleo (muh-lee-oh), have been jamming together since high school. Elias Vasquez joined the group behind drums a few years back, and they have been crafting their musical style ever since, blossoming into a truly stunning young group, creating a fresh, unique blend of jazz, funk, and R&B. Not to mention that kick ass ska punk vibe they’ve got going on in the rhythm section, reminiscent of early No Doubt and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their 2014 release Sunken City is a rock solid album, proving that despite being such a young band, there’s something truly special going on here. Their latest single, “Ridiculous“, gives us even more proof that they’ve really only scratched the surface in discovering themselves as a group, and their sound is bound to continue evolving, moving them further and further outside the box of indie pop rock.

Temporary Hero :: Chet

December 9th, 2015 : Post by :: Categories ,
Temporary Hero - Chet

It wasn’t until after I listened to Chet Baker Sings that I truly appreciated and enjoyed Temporary Hero‘s noteworthy tribute. He tackles almost every song off the original record, and puts a wicked dark spin on each and every one of them. Temporary Hero made a name for himself earlier this year with “Wild Joy“, a club-pleasing, heavy on the house-techno dance number that landed him a spot on the Billboard Club Charts in April. He could’ve continued riding that gravy train, likely indefinitely, but instead decided to step outside the box and pay tribute to some of the true giants of jazz: Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and now Chet Baker. The album, simply titled Chet, takes the now iconic jazz standards that Chet Baker so boldly sang alongside his trusty trumpet back in 1956, and strips them down to the nuts and bolts – most tracks consisting of a simple drum beat, synth, and vocals. He could’ve just as easily done an album of “covers”, but instead he presents us with thoughtful and somber electronic reimaginings. Here are my two favorites from the album, “Time After Time” and “Look For The Silver Lining”.

Plum :: Light Years, Dark Years EP

December 2nd, 2015 : Post by :: Categories ,

Unearth that dusty lava lamp from the basement, switch on some black lights, and pull up a beanbag for this one. Psychedelic rock trio Plum gives us a little taste of their upcoming LP Light Years, Dark Years, with a title track that is just begging to be heard on vinyl. These guys hail from Denver, Colorado, and seemed to have just burst onto the scene out of nowhere, plucked from obscurity by Holy Underground earlier this year. Despite having only been around since late 2014, Plum has already proven themselves champions of the undying breed that is psychedelia. In the same vein as Temples and Tame Impala, Plum’s debut EP is a love letter to the Woodstock’d counterculture of the late 1960s and early 70s – a trippy, kaleidoscopic voyage, dripping with fuzzy tones and hazy drum beats. Keep an ear out for Light Years, Dark Years, due out on December 7th.

Newdust Mixtape No. 21

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Newdust Mixtape No. 21

  1. Sisyphus :: Take Me
  2. Emma Louise :: Braces (05:57)
  3. Beacon :: It Won’t Be Long (07:51)
  4. Kyson :: My Mother’s Eyes (10:55)
  5. Stumbleine :: Camber (feat. Steffaloo) (15:02)
  6. Oliver Tank :: The Last Time (18:12)
  7. Vondelpark :: Blue Again (21:17)
  8. Marley Carroll :: The Hunter (25:53)
  9. Dream Koala :: We Can’t Be Friends (29:30)
  10. Garden City Movement :: Move On (32:17)
  11. Jim-E Stack :: Wake (35:16)
  12. Fybe:One :: Solace Found (feat. Altrego) (38:25)
  13. Ambassadeurs :: Breathe (feat. Folly Rae) (40:42)
  14. Parra For Cuva :: Unfold (44:14)
  15. Affelaye :: You’re Everywhere (47:00)
  16. Winter Flags :: Black Out (50:21)

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Newdust Mixtape No. 21