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Breezy Sundays :: The Mantles :: Memory

Nov 2nd, 2014 : by :: Tags: , ,

San Fransisco’s The Mantles make pleasant, melodic fuzz pop that’s perennial. Their newest release, the 7″ Memory features the eponymous track and is a great indicator of the band’s progression and sonic expansion. Added help from a new keyboardist (Carly Putnam) and bassist (Matt Bullimore) make this evolution possible. The raw melody that this song enlists isn’t overpowered by any aspects of the hazy, backyard pop.

Instead, Putnam’s glowing organ hums and Justin Loney’s understated, yet poignant guitar solo are both examples of a band discovering the perfect balance between the addition of moving parts and the utility of the well-oiled machine as a singular entity. “Memory” captures a certain nostalgia that The Mantles’ contemporaries have captured before–Real Estate’s desire for the past is channelled in the lean, yet unhurried rhythm of the song, and the self-aware confessionals of someone like Mac Demarco are here as well. Most importantly, the west coast quintet’s new sound shows that they are willing to trim the fat from their signature sound in order to refine the definition of The Mantles. “Memory” doesn’t fix what isn’t’ broken, and that should be fine for anyone who likes optimistic, bright pop groups like The Mantles.

Check out the track above, and make sure to grab the new 7″ on December 2 through Slumberland Records.

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Breezy Sundays : Misun :: Met You ft. Sammy Bananas (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit)

Oct 26th, 2014 : by :: Tags: , , , , ,

Rediscovered this wonderful track from earlier this summer. Remix and edit by Cousin Cole and Nacey of Misun’s track “Miss You”. Get breezy people…

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Breezy Sundays : The Yetis :: Little Surfer Girl

Oct 12th, 2014 : by :: Tags: , , , ,

As fall sets in, and we think about the long lost days on the beach, we offer up this breezy and appropriately named track “Little Surfer Girl” from Allentown, PA’s The Yetis. Enjoy…

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Breezy Sundays : Cherokee Red :: Vaya Con Dios

Oct 5th, 2014 : by :: Tags: , , , , ,

Get breezy with Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania PA based indie folk band, Cherokee Red’s Vaya Con Dios. The band is making their way to DC on October 19th stopping at the Tree House Lounge. Enjoy…

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Breezy Sundays : Lemaitre :: Wait (Jerry Folk remix)

Aug 31st, 2014 : by :: Tags: , , , ,

Get breezy with Jerry Folk’s remix of Lemaitre’s “Wait”. Perfect sunny after afternoon jam, complete with disco beats and catchy hooks. Enjoy…

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Breezy Sundays : Childhood :: As I Am

Jul 20th, 2014 : by :: Tags: , ,

Get breezy with Childhood’s jangly and noisey track “As I Am”, off their debut record Lucuna.

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