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Q & A with Manatee Commune

Nov 6th, 2014 : by :: Tags: , , , , ,

Grant Eadie, aka Manatee Commune, has recently been dubbed “one of the most promising producers currently working in Washington State”, and I’d say it takes roughly a minute and a half of listening to “White Smoke”, track one on his April 2014 release Brush for you to be nodding your head in agreement. This is without a doubt my favorite album of 2014, and he is quickly becoming one of my favorite electronic artists to date. The music is incredibly ambient, euphoric, and atmospheric – it really takes you places.
He has also been dropping some killer remixes lately, most notably ODESZA‘s “Say My Name”.
What’s great about Grant’s sound, despite having only been in the game a few years, is that it has already become undeniably “Manatee Commune”, even in his remixes. It only takes a few seconds to pick out a Manatee Commune tune, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Here’s a short little Q&A sesh I had with Grant last week, along with a video of his Sarsha Simone “Sensations” remix, performed at the Nectar Lounge, Seattle on 10.23.14.

ND: First off, what have you been listening to recently? Any albums that you can’t get enough of as of late?

MC: Evenings, a super chill electronic artist on the Friends of Friends label, just released a new EP called Gardener that I’ve been way into. Also it kind of goes without saying that the new Caribou album is the best thing to happen to humanity in the last 100 years. Chrome Sparks’ EP Goddess has also been on my listening list for the last few months. It’s one of the most flawless albums of the year for sure.

ND: Which instrument was your first love affair? I absolutely love your use of the viola. When did that become a part of your arsenal of instruments?

MC: Viola was certainly my first love as an instrument. Had some of the highest musical moments in my life catching those sweet alto melodies in orchestra. Guitar was my next one in high school, and though I’ll never consider myself a guitarist, it’s definitely one the most relaxing instruments to just pick up and have fun with. I think my truest ‘love affair’ came with soft-synth designing and production though. Instrumentation is super important for understanding how individual parts function in a track, but I had never gotten my hands on fully composing parts for an entire production. The possibilities are limitless and that really struck me and still brings me back to producing everday.

ND: What usually comes first in your composing? Do you lay down the beats, guitar riffs, or play around with samples first?

MC: Oh man, I’ve been trying to figure this out forever. Inspiration comes from everywhere, whether it be emotional or I just have a sample that I’d like to drop into. Most of the time I start with something I’ve never done before. Grab new instruments, record some old guy I found on a record, stuff like that and just let my creativity have fun with it from there. I haven’t perfected the art of writing new music, and everyday I experiment with new ways to inspire myself. It’s an important personal goal of mine to stream line my ability to write new music without the anxiety of failing.

ND: I noticed that you kick off your shoes and play barefoot during your live performances. What’s that all about?

MC: Dude, I have no idea. I just always get this feeling of pressure before I play a show and the first thing I want to get out of is my shoes. Weird feels I guess, definitely helps to cool off though.

ND: What programs do you use to compose your tunes? And what about for live performances? How much of your live sets are built around the midi pad?

MC: Logic is my one true lover, I will always cherish her goofy software synths, muddy space designer, and confusing hotkeys. That’s what I do most of my recording and synthesizer design in. Ableton is my live DAW. I just drop audio clips into scene mode and hope for the best.

ND: So what’s next? Any new tunes or remixes on the way?

MC: Sylvan Esso remix is next up, hopefully releasing a couple singles in the next month or so. Trying to gather a bunch of vocalists to feature on some ideas I’ve got.

If you are anywhere near Bellingham, WA on November 16th, be sure to check out Manatee Commune open for Sylvan Esso at KUGS 89.3 FM’s 40th Anniversary Show.

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Pillar Point :: Dreamin’ (Video)

May 7th, 2014 : by :: Tags: , , ,

Seattle’s Pillar Point has just released his debut self-titled album and it has got some seriously good synth jams for your listening pleasure. The melodies are very heavy on the 80s vibes, but he manages to keep the tunes fresh & modern. All 9 tracks have some really solid drumbeats, too. Check out the official music video for “Dreamin”.

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Snowmine :: Dialects

Jan 29th, 2014 : by :: Tags: , , ,
I can’t say enough good things about Snowmine‘s self-released sophomore album Dialects. And if you are a huge fanboy like myself, you may have noticed the album’s semi-secret early release on Spotify yesterday. From start to finish, I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited about an album in years. These guys are the real deal, and are as genuine as it gets. Dialects is a masterfully crafted expression from a band truly in it’s prime. If you’ve been following them closely, they’ve been prepping us for this album little by little for years. Below is a live performance of “Plans” that dates back to 2011, and above is a performance of “Further Along, Further Away” from earlier last year. Swing by the band’s Soundcloud page to hear the first two official singles from the album, “Columbus” and “Rome”. Set to release digitally on February 4th, you can swing by to pre-order the album with your choice of a number of different packages (Kickstarter style) from digital, to LP, to a customized flashdrive designed by the band. However you hear it, be sure to listen to Dialects, it is a heavy contender for album of the year.
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Toro Y Moi :: ABC of Fashion (Video)

Dec 12th, 2013 : by :: Tags: , , ,

Sorry Gaga but this is art pop. Under the Toro Y Moi moniker, Chaz Bundick has teamed up with fashion mag i-D, where high pop meets high fashion. In the trippiest episode of Sesame Street ever, Chaz sings the letters of the alphabet atop jazzy drum feathering, psychedelic guitar rhythms, and poppy bongo clunks. Getting hooked on phonics has never felt so righteous. Directed by HARRY’S, this quirky video is fashioned in pastels and threaded in vintage pizazz. The sartorial collaboration showcases a live manikin donning haute-couture and name-brand clothing from contemporary designers like Alexander Wang, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Rodarte, as each getup corresponds with its recited letter.

Today’s Newdust was brought to you by the letter “W” — now, watch above.

words by Morgan Clinton
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Elektro Guzzi :: Pentagonia (VIDEO)

Oct 7th, 2013 : by :: Tags: , ,

I stumbled across an article on Elektro Guzzi in, of all things, The Red Bulletin Magazine I was reading, while watching my husband get his tattoo reworked. The article described a band that not only makes damn good electronic music, but does it all by hand, live, without the use of any keyboards or synthesized beats. Pop some good headphones on for this entrancing listen. Just wait for those shakers.

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Toro y Moi :: Rose Quartz (Video)

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Thick strokes of surrealist fingerprints gloss the screen in Toro Y Moi’s newest music video, “Rose Quartz.” Staying true to his South Carolina roots, Chaz Bundick commissioned the creative production of fellow Gamecock alum, Lauren Gregory, to piece together a work that feels more at home in the MOMA than on a Youtube display. It’s the melting faces and the groovy nature of swirling mixed media that provides the perfect medium for Toro’s funky and soulful sound. “Rose Quartz” is the fourth single off of Anything In Return via Carpark Records, out now.

words by Morgan Clinton
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