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Giveaway : Youth Lagoon @ The 9:30 Club :: Sept 16th

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Youth Lagoon is the MTV Cribs of bedroom pop. That’s to say, this is where the magic happens. In a national tour following his most recent release, Wonderous Bughouse, Trevor Powers provides a rare peek into the intimate exploration of his “[intrigue] with the metaphysical universe and [the] blending of those ideas with pop music.” Deep.

Delving deeper, Powers explains that his sophomore project has been influenced by the brevity of human life and his experimentation with auditory dimensions. So to be succinct, Youth Lagoon is like the trippy Einstein of indie pop music, or at the very least the Animal Collective of physicists. Yet, although Powers makes music that is introspective, it connectively translates into an engaging live show that focuses on poignant lyricism and jarring reverberations. Like an open diary, you can read into his frizzy-haired soul with each warbly guitar chord and every shrilling sonic loop. The subversive nature of Youth Lagoon’s sound is a testament to the band’s mastery of juxtaposing tones of convoluted landscapes under the pretext of minimalist song structure.

For those interested in flipping through the audiobook of Trevor Powers’s mind, body, and soul, comment below to win a free pair of tickets to catch him live at the 9:30 Club on Monday, September 16th. Share with us a diary entry worth the freebies. For all others, purchase your tickets here.

Let the share fest begin. . .

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GIVEAWAY :: Shark Week :: Baby Maybe video + Show at 9 ::30 Club w/ Black Clouds, Warchild, Typefighter

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Local DC band Shark Week is appearing at the 9:30 Club on 7/27 as part of a larger show that also features Black Clouds, Warchild, Typefighter, True Head, Highway Cross, and Blackout Djs. Tickets are $15 (brag ‘em HERE), but could also be FREE if you win our giveaway! In honor of the band’s homage to possibly the greatest recurring week in Discovery Channell fans’ lives, comment below with your favorite shark related video and/or fact. In the meantime, check out the video for Shark Week’s single “Baby Maybe,” which contains footage of the band’s time in Puerto Rico during the single’s recording.

words by Leah Norod

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Shark Week | Baby Maybe
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SHOW :: French Horn Rebellion, Kisses and San Fermin on 7/20

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This Saturday (7/20), #blogbroz over All Things Go are throwing a dance party and show at Living Social’s 918 F Street space. This lineup is killer featuring French Horn Rebellion and newdust favorites, Kisses. Show starts 7PM at Living Social’s 918 F Street. Tickets are available for $12 HERE and you can get more details/RSVP on Facebook. Be there! BONUS: After party details HERE… local band Brett will be dj-ing.

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M.H. and His Orchestra :: Washington D.C. + show on 7/13

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M.H and His Orchestra, which I’ve dubbed in my head as the “Beirut Breakfast Club,” are appearing at the Jammin Java in Vienna, VA on 7/13. Tickets are $10 at the door. The group regularly performs at my favorite vegetarian place in Blacksburg, VA and their shows are always a great time. Check out their tune about Washington, DC below! Words by Leah Norod

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SHOW :: U.S. Royalty at Industry Gallery w/ Protect-U

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Some local DC news. This Saturday, July 13th, U.S. Royalty will be debuting new music from their forthcoming album entitled Blue Sunshine at Industry Gallery. I can almost guarantee some homage to Fleetwood Mac and strong references to 60s psych, and 70s pop/rock. Oh yeah… and Protect-U will be spinning before and after the show. Scope the trailer above for Blue Sunshine and grab tickets HERE.

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GIVEAWAY :: Belle & Sebastian at Merriweather Post Pavillion on 7/12

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Let’s get nostalgic: As one of the most treasured and misunderstood bands of the late 1990s, Belle & Sebastian relentlessly resurrect themselves into indie-pop relevancy. From their beloved beginnings in Tigermilk to the democratic disappointment of Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant, the peaks and plateaus of the Glasglow ensemble have been audibly evident. Yet either through forgiveness or selective memory, B&S stalwarts continue to cherish the band who mastered the ability to piece together the hazy remnants of 60’s bubblegum pop culture with the simplistic overtures of late 70s twee fashion. Their most recent work, Write About Love, antiquates any past hiccups and reassures a healthy musical renaissance by staying true to Stuart Murdoch’s time-tested and charmingly infectious aesthetics.

Belle & Sebastian revisit this side of the Atlantic for a North American tour this summer, and will be making a stop at Merriweather Post Pavillion on July 12th. To sweeten the pot B&S will be co-headlining with comparable indie legends, Yo La Tengo. For those who wish to get sentimental (and win some free tickets to the show) comment below with your favorite track from B&S past. If you aren’t a winner… grab tickets HERE. words by Morgan Clinton

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Belle & Sebastian | Song For Sunshine
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GIVEAWAY :: CSS at 930 Club (7/1)

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CSS is appearing with Io Echo on 7/1 at the 9:30 Club, and newdust is giving away two ticket! All you have to do is comment below and explain why you believe you DESERVE them (or maybe just make us laugh), and BOOM you’ve just saved $25 for drinks and cab fare. Check out newdust’s previous CSS coverage here, and if you don’t feel like playing because you’re terrified of rejection you can buy your tickets HERE. newdust is psyched and will absolutely be at the show, so make sure you are, too! words by Leah Norod

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