Giveaway : Youth Lagoon @ The 9:30 Club :: Sept 16th

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Youth Lagoon is the MTV Cribs of bedroom pop. That’s to say, this is where the magic happens. In a national tour following his most recent release, Wonderous Bughouse, Trevor Powers provides a rare peek into the intimate exploration of his “[intrigue] with the metaphysical universe and [the] blending of those ideas with pop music.” Deep.

Delving deeper, Powers explains that his sophomore project has been influenced by the brevity of human life and his experimentation with auditory dimensions. So to be succinct, Youth Lagoon is like the trippy Einstein of indie pop music, or at the very least the Animal Collective of physicists. Yet, although Powers makes music that is introspective, it connectively translates into an engaging live show that focuses on poignant lyricism and jarring reverberations. Like an open diary, you can read into his frizzy-haired soul with each warbly guitar chord and every shrilling sonic loop. The subversive nature of Youth Lagoon’s sound is a testament to the band’s mastery of juxtaposing tones of convoluted landscapes under the pretext of minimalist song structure.

For those interested in flipping through the audiobook of Trevor Powers’s mind, body, and soul, comment below to win a free pair of tickets to catch him live at the 9:30 Club on Monday, September 16th. Share with us a diary entry worth the freebies. For all others, purchase your tickets here.

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