Speak :: Gates (video)

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Scope the video for Speak’s oh-so-catchy indie jam “Gates” off the album Pedals which is out now.

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Ruby Fray :: Barbara

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K Records have come a long way from their first 20 cassette releases. Over the course of 30+ years, a small, localized scene evolved into the highly influential label it is today. While the roster has expanded to include such prominent acts as Atlas Sound, the DIY attitude persists, and—as evidenced by Ruby Fray’s latest release, “Barbara”—some of K Records’ original sound exists in their contemporary artists.

Specifically, “Barbara” brings to mind the now indie-famous guitar riff of “Indian Summer”—the quintessential song by the quintessential K Records band. “Barbara” is carried along by a similar, jangling repetition. Atmospherically, however, its miles away from the work of Beat Happening. Layers of droning guitar feedback bring to mind the tension of Yo La Tango’s “Damage,” but disrupting any comparisons are Ruby Fray’s vocals. Ruby Fray creator, Emily Beanblossom, sings with folk-esque vocal inflections, unusual in such noisy, reverb-laden music as this.

Unusual sonic choices, contradictions, and eeriness permeate this track; the result is a refreshingly original piece of art: idiosyncratic and beautiful. Give “Barbara” a listen and await a promising record from Ruby Fray, out September 30th.

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The Puget Sound :: Week 13

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:: KAIROS :: Tomo Nakayama :: Beat Connection :: Deep Sea Diver :: Arkomo ::

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Aphex Twin – A New Album in 2014?

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Aphex Twin to Return in 2014? This past weekend, a blimp appeared above London with the numbers ‘2014’ and the Aphex Twin logo branded on it. The next day, spray painted Aphex Twin logos were discovered throughout New York City. On Monday, Aphex Twin tweeted a URL to a website accessible only via a Tor Browser, the darkweb page revealed that a new Aphex Twin album would be released this year. How’s that for marketing? Any Aphex Twin release is a big deal, he is the defining figure in electronica and this is to be his first in over 13 years. In honor of the upcoming release, I’ll be posting a smattering of the best Aphex Twin tracks. My first, is an ambient sketch from his first studio release Selected Ambient Works 85-95. Dive in and enjoy.

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Les Professionnels :: Pure Love (M.O.T.M. Remix )

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Here is a deep house track from Philly’s own cosmic explorers Les Professionnels remixed by DC’s M.O.T.M. M.O.T.M. bring a touch of Krautrock spookiness to this mix, a hypnotic atmospheric build a top a locked-in groove. Suggested use: mid-party slow-burner to bring all Muscle Marys, Clones, Hipsters and War Criminals a little bit closer together. Enjoy.

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Electric Saturdays :: Legowelt : Experiential Awakening

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Legowelt | Experiential Awakening

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The Puget Sound :: Week 12 :: Bumbershoot 2014

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:: Bumbershoot 2014 :: August 30th-September 1st :: Seattle, Wa ::

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