Ariel Pink :: Put Your Number In My Phone

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Easily the most associated word with lo-fi pop master Ariel Pink is weird. His music, his interviews and his visual impressions are always pleasantly distorted and out in left field. Wherever you land in his almost endless discography, you’ll encounter the absurd sounds and visions that Pink inhabits—he’s one of those artists whose persona in the public eye is believably the same even in his most private moments.

And the weirdness continues! Pink’s new solo album pom pom is due later this fall on 4AD, and the lead single is an instant classic. “Put Your Number In My Phone” is sunny and hilarious on its own, but with accompaniment of its eerily engaging video, the complacency of the music becomes the soundtrack to a lucid dream. I don’t know what makes me more uncomfortable: the man with the Darth Vader mask or Pink’s green cowboy hat. Check out the song and the vision below, and appreciate that Ariel Pink never ceases to defy expectations as a connoisseur of the queer and off-kilter.

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Dead Professional :: Bad Memory + 10/16 show at Rock And Roll Hotel

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Enjoy the latest, Springsteen-esque lofi pop jam from VA’s Dead Professional. His full length debut is called Hard Hard Hard and it goes on sale November 18. Also, go see him on October 16 at Rock and Roll Hotel in DC w/ Caveman. Enjoy…

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Tristen :: No One’s Gonna Know + show at DC9 on 10/14

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Tristen Gaspadarek, known simply as ‘Tristen’ is a Chicago-bred, currently Nashville-based singer-songwriter. The “synth-pop siren” (according to SPIN) has received positive praise in her relatively short career from numerous outlets including Rolling Stone, NPR, and KCRW. Her sophomore album CAVES — the follow up to Charlatans At the Garden Gate — was released July 2013 via Pupsnake/Thirty Tigers. The album marks a shift in tone for Tristen, who along with chief collaborator Buddy Hughen hones a more modern and melodic marriage of electronic synths and infectious hooks on the latest effort.

The standout track from CAVES, “No One’s Gonna Know,” immediately draws you in from start to finish. Listen below; and DC folks can catch Tristen playing DC9 as part of her fall tour October 14th.

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Long Walks on the Beach :: Knew It By Heart

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One of our favorite lo-fi acts, Long Walks On The Beach is back, with his latest “Knew It By Heart”. Happy Monday…

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Breezy Sundays : Cherokee Red :: Vaya Con Dios

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Get breezy with Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania PA based indie folk band, Cherokee Red’s Vaya Con Dios. The band is making their way to DC on October 19th stopping at the Tree House Lounge. Enjoy…

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Pleasure Curses :: Burn

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Pleasure Curses scratch your new wave itch with their single Burn. In their studio just outside of DC, the duo hold synth based seances with Depeche Mode, Section 25, Gary Numan and others. Their sound is dark and brooding, dance music with dark eyeliner. Grab the 7″ out on Prince George Records here. Enjoy.

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Lany :: Made in Hollywood

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LANY is a new three-piece based out of Nashville. Maintaining their mysterious aura after a steady stream of releases, LANY’s latest single is a catchy tribute to the West coast — dubbed “Made in Hollywood.” It’s a soaring synthpop tune, perfect for a top-down drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, or California dreamin’ for those of us on the Eastern shore. Stream the polished track below.

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