Cardiknox :: Wasted Youth

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On synth pop duo Cardiknox’s last single “Hold Me Down”, one line piqued interest: “When I moved to New York, it was all supposed to work out”. If their sleek brand of electric funk melodies is anything, it’s proof that things can at least sound like they are. That moody pop number, as well as the glowing “Technicolor Dreaming” and the brand new single “Wasted Youth” are brilliant illustrations of mid-twenties uncertainty and anxiety, personified in skittering drums and neon harmonies. The newest one has a percolating rhythm and warm vocals of equal parts Chairlift and Swedish cyborg pop—however, the lyrical subject matter takes the reigns of Cardiknox’s exploration of the young American psyche this time around.

Check out the track “Wasted Youth” above, and make your way over to Rock and Roll Hotel on Mar. 23 to see the NYC duo open for Australia’s Betty Who.

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Brian Eno :: Thursday Afternoon

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Brian Eno’s catalogue is a little intimidating. He has served as producer on a long list of massively influential albums, has an equally long list of original solo work, and is a very competent visual art. He is also pioneer in the genre of ambient music and continues to produce free floating experimental albums which are pretty much devoid of musical precedent. Here is one of his best articulated pieces of ambient music and a good introduction to one section of Brian Eno’s creative universe. Thursday Afternoon was produced in 1984 with some help from Daniel Lanois and serves the soundtrack to a visual painting of the same name. Enjoy.

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Breezy Sundays : Bart Davenport :: Fuck Fame

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Get breezy with Bart Davenport and this chorus filled, jangly, 80s homage to fame. From Physical World out on March 4, 2014.

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Yuck :: Age Of Consent (New Order cover)

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Awesome, and snappy cover from Yuck of “Age Of Consent”. One of my favorite songs of all time and certainly one of New Order’s best. enjoy…

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Friends :: The Way

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Back at it, Samantha Urbani seductively serenades in Friends’s new single, “The Way.” Buttressed by sleek twinkling synths, sexy bass slaps, and bubble wrap percussions, the soulful ballad croons with Prince panache. The wildly rad Urbani and the revamped Friends crew continue to polish their dance-pop roots as they gradually cruise toward glossier tracks that are a bit more audibly focused and developed. This is likely due to the creative involvement of the happening dude behind Blood Orange, Dev Hynes. Though “The Way” falls about a pelvic thrust shy of being the year’s finest indie slow jam, the flirtatious tune shows immense promise for Friends after their Manifest! dud. Henceforth in per usual Urbani fashion, now would be the appropriate time to listen in…. And undress.

words by Morgan Clinton

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SHOW :: French Horn Rebellion, Kisses and San Fermin on 7/20

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This Saturday (7/20), #blogbroz over All Things Go are throwing a dance party and show at Living Social’s 918 F Street space. This lineup is killer featuring French Horn Rebellion and newdust favorites, Kisses. Show starts 7PM at Living Social’s 918 F Street. Tickets are available for $12 HERE and you can get more details/RSVP on Facebook. Be there! BONUS: After party details HERE… local band Brett will be dj-ing.

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Lorde :: Tennis Court

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Believe the gossip because Lorde, the cheeky 16-year-old New Zealander, is beginning to make chart-worthy sonic waves stateside. The precocious curly-haired siren unapologetically drowns entranced listeners in teenage pop decadence only to revive them, mouth to ear, with catchy choral electricity. Lorde’s vocal composition houses a melodious lunchroom clique comprised of Lana Del Ray, Charli XCX, and Jo Jo. Yet despite the trite comparisons, the bona fide starlet brings a fresh realness to mainstream pop as she scoffs gaudy materialism in her first EP, The Love Club. Her single, “Tennis Court”, is assuredly anthemic and hopefully just a taste of the radness to come–Yeah.

words by Morgan Clinton

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