GIVEAWAY: Cherub and Ghost Beach at 9:30 Club on 9/27

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Listen up, we’ve got another ticket giveaway for you! As part of The Champagne Showers Tour, Cherub and Ghost Beach are going to be performing a sold-out show September 27th at 9:30 Club. In other words — this could be your last opportunity to score tix.

To see Cherub’s “fresh electrified take on risque pop” and Ghost Beach’s blend of “tropical grit pop” live, send us a tweet @Newdust or leave a comment below. In addition to two comp tickets, to make the deal that much sweeter we’ll also be throwing in a limited-edition Ghost Beach beach ball. Three cheers for well branded trinkets and who said summer has to end? Preview tracks from both groups below, as you ponder why we should award you with tickets to what’s sure to be an electric show.

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Giveaway : Youth Lagoon @ The 9:30 Club :: Sept 16th

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Youth Lagoon is the MTV Cribs of bedroom pop. That’s to say, this is where the magic happens. In a national tour following his most recent release, Wonderous Bughouse, Trevor Powers provides a rare peek into the intimate exploration of his “[intrigue] with the metaphysical universe and [the] blending of those ideas with pop music.” Deep.

Delving deeper, Powers explains that his sophomore project has been influenced by the brevity of human life and his experimentation with auditory dimensions. So to be succinct, Youth Lagoon is like the trippy Einstein of indie pop music, or at the very least the Animal Collective of physicists. Yet, although Powers makes music that is introspective, it connectively translates into an engaging live show that focuses on poignant lyricism and jarring reverberations. Like an open diary, you can read into his frizzy-haired soul with each warbly guitar chord and every shrilling sonic loop. The subversive nature of Youth Lagoon’s sound is a testament to the band’s mastery of juxtaposing tones of convoluted landscapes under the pretext of minimalist song structure.

For those interested in flipping through the audiobook of Trevor Powers’s mind, body, and soul, comment below to win a free pair of tickets to catch him live at the 9:30 Club on Monday, September 16th. Share with us a diary entry worth the freebies. For all others, purchase your tickets here.

Let the share fest begin. . .

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GIVEAWAY :: Dwight Yoakam at 930 Club (6/21)

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So you may be asking yourself why I should be interested in seeing Dwight Yoakam, a 56 year old country musician who was in his prime maybe a quarter century ago? I’d argue that all it takes is to listen to the opening notes of “Guitars, Cadillacs” one of the many stand-out tracks from his similarly titled 1986 debut. This song highlights the punchy, twangy electric guitar and dance worthy rhythm that is a fixture of the Bakersfield sound, which was made famous by Yoakam’s idol, Buck Owens. The truth is that Yoakam has been remarkably consistent in putting out good, if not great, albums throughout his career. Blame the Vain, his 2005 album for New West Records, has several stand out tracks including “Intentional Heartache” and “I Wanna Love Again.” And last year’s excellent 3 Pears stays true to the Bakerfield sound even while boasting a couple of seemingly bizarre collaborations with the likes of Kid Rock and Beck. Yoakam is a great performer. Talk to someone who’s seen him live before, and they’ll likely claim that they will never miss a show again. So drop any preconceptions about Yoakam, country music, or aging musicians and don’t miss this month’s show at the 9:30 Club. Country music has a long history of musical collaborations. Post your favorite country collab in the comments below. Our favorite choice gets two tickets to the June 21 show at the 9:30 Club. Everyone else can grab a pair of tickets here. Words by Andy Fountain

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CSS :: Hangover video + show at 930 club

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The new video for CSS’s single “Hangover” off their upcoming album Planta features painfully awkward office dancing, staying true to the band’s offbeat style. The coordinated marching in place could be taken as a symbol of communication in the work place, but we probably shouldn’t read into it. The new album drops on June 11th, with an accompanying tour, so go see CSS (with me) at the 9:30 club on July 1st! words by Leah Norod

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Drop Electric :: Empire Trashed + video

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Chill out with Washington D.C.’s own Drop Electric. With heavy post-rock influences and mesmerizing vocals, the band at times reminds me of a less intense Keep Shelly in Athens. Enjoy the beautifully cinematic video for “Empire Trashed” and catch ‘em live at the 9:30 Club in DC on September 22.

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Drop Electric | Empire Trashed
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We Are Augustines :: Book of James (video)

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Check the melodramatic video for We Are Augustines track “Book of James”. The band is playing a sold out show in DC tonight at 930 club. If you can scalp one be there… otherwise enjoy the video and check out more from the band here.
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Icebird at 930 Club (RJD2 + Aaron Livingston)

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Not our usual thing… but for those of you who are into producer RJD2, I have a sweet and funky track from his latest project. Icebird, teams RJD2 up with the very talented Aaron Livingston to deliver a very laid back pop record, “An Abandoned Lullaby”. The record combines elements of psychadelic, soul and alt-rock. A little different than RJD2’s usual, hip electronic stuff. If you are in DC check ‘em out at 930 Club this Wendesday October 12 (tickets.)

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Icebird | Charmed Life
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