Todd Terje :: Johnny and Mary (featuring Bryan Ferry)

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Here are two of my personal hero’s (one of which I forced a hug on this past summer) rendition of Robert Palmer’s poetic 1980 hit: “Johnny and Mary“. The slowness of Terje’s arrangement allows you to really focus on the Palmer’s existential musing on relationships. I never quite realized how poignant the lyrics are, it’s much easier to pick up when they’re coming out of the once-mighty voice of Bryan Ferry. Enjoy the classy synth schmaltz.

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Basecamp :: All That She Wants (cover)

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Nashville-based trio, BASECAMP, have released a haunting cover of Ace of Base’s 90s single, “All That She Wants.” Now, in their startlingly stripped-down interpretation of the 90s chart-topper, BASECAMP transforms and unfurls the Swedish syncopated cries into a bluesy skeleton of its predecessor.

In their debut single, “Emmanuel,” the group takes advantage of sounds that create seemingly discordant yet strikingly complementary musical textures, wrought with razor edge accuracy, rock hard downbeats, and skyward bound blues guitar. ATSW is no exception to this practice of weaving the elements like melodic thread. The listener is meant to hear and feel a woman’s honest and unshaded story of lust and desire.

BASECAMP’s mode of operation is one that is highly experimental, but also wildly inventive and well-calculated. For R&B fans and skeptics alike, their music simply begs listeners to lend an ear to its rich and cutting melodies. BASECAMP will be performing at SXSW this week, playing a string of shows until March 15th.

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Mirror Talk :: This Woman’s Work (Kate Bush cover)

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Awesome cover of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” by Mirror Talk. Complete with dark Prince-esque vibes. This is part of a video series, where the band will be covering some of their favorite tracks so stay tuned for more…

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Owl Eyes :: Something About Us (Daft Punk Cover)

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Scope Owl Eyes and their lovely cover of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us”. The band takes a softer touch but fitting modern homage to Daft Punk’s 2001 “Love Theme from Intesrtella 5555“. Enjoy…

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Non Market : Compilation EP :: Covers of Frank Ocean, Caribou, Little Dragon, and Hendrix

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On February 12, four East Bay California bands released a five-song cover album under the collective identity: Non Market. Non Market’s first compilation is a masterful production. It perfectly portrays each group’s signature sound, as well as the East Bay’s music culture of collaboration and innovation. The syndicate of artists, comprised of Astronauts, Etc., Trails and Ways, No Sé, and Waterstrider, create a single watercolor of familiar hues but with new and avant-garde brushstrokes.

The compilation is a smart collection of soft electro-pop and soul. Astronaut, Etc.’s slow and breathy cover of Caribou’s ever-recognizable (FIFA 11, anyone?) techno tune “Odessa” marks the compilation with an element of fantasy that permeates throughout each track. The same sort of fantastical tone surges through Trails and Ways’ trilingual, bossa nova-style pop interpretation of Frank Ocean’s “Lost.”

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