Neu! :: Isi

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Here is a song to improve summer road trips from my top secret collection of ‘Best Driving Songs.’ It’s archetypal Krautrock from Neu!, who practices understated idyllic German psychedelia. My prescription: play this song while driving home with the windows open after a long day at the beach, lake, river, etc. Enjoy.

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Electric Saturdays : Lift Off :: Angel Headed Hipsters

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Steely Dan :: Josie

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Well my brothers and sisters, the time has come again to dig for obscure summer jams. Summer is a sacred time, a holy time which demands digging for jams of the highest quality and the purest purity. Here is an unadulterated one that comes all the way from 1977 Santa Monica: Steely Dan’s “Josie”. It’s a beautifully produced 70s hodgepodge of styles and comes from a musical era very different from our own. Enjoy!

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Breezy Sundays :: The Clientele :: We Could Walk Together

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Get breezy with Clientele (it has been a long while) and “We Could Walk Together” off the Merge Records’ reissue of the album Suburban Light. Originally released in 2000 as a collection of singles from from 1997 to 2000. Enjoy…

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Frankie Knuckles :: Your Love

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Last week, the music world lost an original. Not too many people can say they pioneered a distinct genre, a genre that then went on to transform popular music and spawn hundreds of subgenres…Frankie Knuckles can say that. Here are a bunch of great tributes to Mr. Knuckles published this past week, they are all worth checking out. Here is a one of Frankie’s best known track which you’ll most likely recognize as as the source of the main sample from Animal Collective’s “My Girls”. Enjoy.

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The Alessi Brothers :: Seabird

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Billy and Bobby Alessi are two Italian brothers from Long Island. They were also one-hit wonders with their 1977 hit, “Oh Lori”. The track didn’t age well but “Seabird”, also from 1977, somehow sounds complete up to date. It’s just two brothers singing a tender ballad about life, not much else to say. Enjoy this long forgotten b-side.

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Arthur Russell :: That’s Us/Wild Combination

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If you’ve never heard of Arthur Russell, stop what you’re doing right now and purchase Calling Out of Context and Love is Overtaking Me. Both these albums feature some of best music of the last fifty years, very little of which was released before Arthur Russell’s premature death in 1992. Born in Ohio, Russell moved to NYC in the late 1970s where he became involved with the underground, mostly Gay, post-disco scene. He produced a handful of dance tracks but mostly he was a prolific tinkerer. He recorded a huge body of music, nearly all of it unfinished and unpolished. His songs are mostly 3/4ths of a complete musical composition which is what makes them so memorable. They just start, float there for a while, and end without a proper ending. It’s like listening to a sketch pad. This track is one of his very best and one of the most complete tracks he ever produced. Pay close attention to the earnest romanticism of his lyrics and welcome to tender world of Arthur Russell. Enjoy.

BONUS: Check out the Geographer cover of Arthur Russell’s “This Is How We Walk On The Moon“.

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