Jaakko Eino Kalevi :: Speak Out

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It’s all over, the cold and grey are back. Hurry up and start waiting for spring. Or, embrace the frustration of fall and winter with its rarer, thus more beautiful, moments of release. Tension builds and builds… you’re cooped up in a buddy’s apartment, someone puts on a summer hit and everyone is dancing hard with big smiles. I’ll take that moment over a midsummers boogie, it’s more necessary. So, here is ammunition for that, a smile track from sunny Helsinki. Enjoy.

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Pleasure Curses :: Burn

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Pleasure Curses scratch your new wave itch with their single Burn. In their studio just outside of DC, the duo hold synth based seances with Depeche Mode, Section 25, Gary Numan and others. Their sound is dark and brooding, dance music with dark eyeliner. Grab the 7″ out on Prince George Records here. Enjoy.

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Zola Jesus :: Go (Blank Sea)

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Killer new single from Zola Jesus off her new album TAIGA to be released October 6th in Europe/UK and October 7th in North America. Enjoy…

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GIVEAWAY: Cherub and Ghost Beach at 9:30 Club on 9/27

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Listen up, we’ve got another ticket giveaway for you! As part of The Champagne Showers Tour, Cherub and Ghost Beach are going to be performing a sold-out show September 27th at 9:30 Club. In other words — this could be your last opportunity to score tix.

To see Cherub’s “fresh electrified take on risque pop” and Ghost Beach’s blend of “tropical grit pop” live, send us a tweet @Newdust or leave a comment below. In addition to two comp tickets, to make the deal that much sweeter we’ll also be throwing in a limited-edition Ghost Beach beach ball. Three cheers for well branded trinkets and who said summer has to end? Preview tracks from both groups below, as you ponder why we should award you with tickets to what’s sure to be an electric show.

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Electric Saturdays : Aphex Twin :: Stone in Focus

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Aphex Twin Ambient

In honor of Aphex Twin’s upcoming release, I’ll be posting a smattering of his best. These tracks remind us all what a *cliche alert* highly-influential genius he is. This track comes from his second and most experimental album: Selected Ambient Music Vol. II. Unlike Vol. I, Vol. II disregards beats all together and album consists mostly of just timbre. Obviously not for everyone, Selected Ambient Music Vol. II is one of the most immersive and densely creative albums ever released. Listening to it now, it’s very easy to hear its lasting influence on more popular artists like Radiohead. Enjoy. /p>

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Raindeer :: This Is Rock N’ Roll

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Baltimore, Maryland is home to some of the most influential and halcyon millennial musicians and bands. The port city houses the headquarters of dream pop’s high watermark act Beach House, a new electronica forefather Dan Deacon and freak folk’s beloved Animal Collective. While these three acts—which only represent a sliver of the talent exploding from Baltimore—are incredibly different from each other, they have one trait in common: acute passion in their idiosyncratic sounds. Hearing Victoria Legrand sing “Zebra” makes you tear up in ways you never thought you could, just as Animal Collectives most contemporary pop tracks make you dance with a special kind of abandon. This musical fervor is the precedent that the Maryland city has set.

It makes sense then that a group of local acolytes are channeling the same sweaty intensity that the city has made notorious. Raindeer, the recently expanded solo project of Charlie Hughes is making lysergic, balmy pop that’s just as fun to listen to as it is committed to creating a unique sonic space. There are hints of Ponytail and Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips in the now five-piece band’s first singles; and in Hughes’ vocals, you can hear his love for Baltimore’s expressive vocalists. “This Is Rock N’ Roll” is a definite standout from their upcoming LP You Look Smashing. Its prismatic accordion loops and yelping vocals are juxtaposed with gorgeous harmonies and guitars that are drenched in the heat and joy of a humid Maryland summer. And even when the group dips into their influences, they sound audaciously individual at the same time. Hearing Raindeer’s new singles remind fans of Baltimore’s immense transformation of the new millennium’s most innovative rock and pop music. Don’t look away now—Raindeer is proof that the burgeoning scene hasn’t imploded yet.

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ALBUM STREAM :: Furniteur EP

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DC’s own Furniteur is now out with their self-titled EP. For those keeping score, we are a big fans of the collaboration of artist and musician Brittany Sims, Kevin Bayly of former Dance Party fame and now BRETT, and Mike Toohey (also from BRETT). Their debut single and track one, “Modern Love” is a nice dose of 80s pop and the rest of the EP follows the same breezy path. Grab the EP at Prince George Records on cassette, as well as iTunes for all you crazy kids with your iPods. Enjoy…

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