Yacht :: Where Does This Disco? + Show Tonight 9/19 at Black Cat

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Scope the latest from DFA Records alumni, and indie-dance-disco auteurs YACHT. The perfect and cleverly(?) titled track “Where Does This Disco?” is out now on iTunes. Also, if you are in DC, swing by the Black Cat tonight (9/19) to see YACHT tear up the dance floor along with opener White Fang. Be there…

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Zola Jesus :: Go (Blank Sea)

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Killer new single from Zola Jesus off her new album TAIGA to be released October 6th in Europe/UK and October 7th in North America. Enjoy…

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Beat Connection :: Another Go Round

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Listen up to the new single from Seattle’s Beat Connection. Stay tuned for more for this band that continues to produce oh-so-catchy indie-pop. Enjoy…

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Team Spirit :: Surrender + (video)

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One of rock’s greatest strengths as a genre of music is its sonic physicality. Without the added force of lyrics and vocal harmonies, rock’s warm guitars, thundering bass and crashing drums make it an easy target for emotionally and bodily affecting music. Team Spirit excels in their innate understanding of this specific power of music, turning their songs into conduits of brave, unfettered power and even existential awareness. The band’s approach isn’t subtle—Ayah Al Adhamy’s lyrics in “Teenage Heart” extend from the title linearly into brazen, passionate dissonance in the throws youth and virility. “I swear I’ll do my best/I don’t want this to fall apart/Cause I still suffer from a teenage heart”. The sincerity in lines like these are all that’s needed over the crashing force of the group’s instrumentals. This is powerful pop rock at its finest, straddling the line between orderly songwriting and spiraling chaos.

Understandably, that duality is what it feels like to be on the cusp of formal adulthood, where moments of acute nostalgia and fear of responsibility come in huge waves for the first time in life. So Team Spirit are tackling this shift in human existence without pretension, instead focusing on the explicitness of rock ‘n roll to answer their questions. If it worked on “Teenage Heart”, it’s even more effective on the group’s newest single “Surrender”. The track is longer and even more grandiose than before, previewing Team Spirit’s upcoming debut album Killing Time. “Surrender” sidesteps a direct confrontation with youth and adulthood by sound tracking music’s most universal themes: love. Al Adhamy’s soaring chorus leaves nothing up to speculation—whether the band members are afraid of adulthood’s mortality or youth’s solipsism, they use their colossal brand of rock to disavow the human dilemmas all together. “Surrender” is a song that knows what it wants to be and is staggeringly successful in instilling its message in the listener.

Watch and listen to the new single below, and get pumped for the band’s debut album Killing Time, out Sept. 30 on Vice.

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GIVEAWAY: Cherub and Ghost Beach at 9:30 Club on 9/27

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Listen up, we’ve got another ticket giveaway for you! As part of The Champagne Showers Tour, Cherub and Ghost Beach are going to be performing a sold-out show September 27th at 9:30 Club. In other words — this could be your last opportunity to score tix.

To see Cherub’s “fresh electrified take on risque pop” and Ghost Beach’s blend of “tropical grit pop” live, send us a tweet @Newdust or leave a comment below. In addition to two comp tickets, to make the deal that much sweeter we’ll also be throwing in a limited-edition Ghost Beach beach ball. Three cheers for well branded trinkets and who said summer has to end? Preview tracks from both groups below, as you ponder why we should award you with tickets to what’s sure to be an electric show.

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The sibling-exclusive band archetype will always be an interesting dynamic in music. It’s not a new concept, yet I can’t help but contemporize—Haim is the newest and most cohesive sororal trio that I’ve heard in years, and their success may have inspired and aided other familial acts in the last few years. Besides their saccharine pop jams, idiosyncratic vocals and live performances, the trio has an undeniable and easy connection that seeps from their busy songs. Synthesizers and bass lines are caringly matched with their harmonies to the point where it sounds like their music exists in some sort of collective, transcendent Haim mind. And while I might be entirely wrong about the translation of a familial bond to music, it has to be a unique experience to create music with your kin.

I have the same gut feeling when I listen to STEGALL’s brand new, debut EP IV. These Canadian sisters, who boldly blend pop tropes from different genres, display their connections in their hook-laden, intricate songs. Just like with Haim, you get the sense that the three women enjoy making music together. Clara, Sydney and Liza Stegall introduce themselves with their first formatted release with an eclectic and organic approach to contemporary rock and pop. Clara’s muscular, clear vocals initiate the EP on the marching “We Better Fear”, yet a sauntering guitar melody, distortion effects and a quiet keyboard interlude all counter her pipes to introduce STEGALL as a band that’s interested in creating balanced, creative pop songs. “Glow” employs a similar trajectory of quiet/loud transitions, but finds Liza’s longing, anxious keyboard at the backbone of the track. The song presents the same type of strange, simultaneously danceable and head-banging music that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or LCD Soundsystem make, smartly straddling genres and challenging listeners.

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Magic Bronson :: Fences

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Magic Bronson’s music, image and words work because they are irreverent and self-aware. Their debut album Wildlife, out this fall through War Cry, will definitely expand on their warm, loving perspective of life and its puzzling highs and lows. We’ve already heard the moody, electronically current “Golden” and the idiosyncratic groove of “Shivers”, and now the west coast group has shared “Fences”. Michael Nicastro’s deep and suave croon is still just as pleasant to hear, but the group transforms their signature mood into something sentimental and solemn on this new track. You can almost imagine “Fences” as the manifestation of morning-after doubt and naked consciousness following the debauchery of “Shivers”—the song rapidly descends into a sea of responsibility and reminds us that we’re all accountable for something.

Nicastro turns on the lights and pops the balloons from the night before as he recognizes those who support and care for him: “They make these sacrifices just to get us through the night/I look up to my mother and a tear comes to her eye/but she will be alright”. Through the candor of lyrics like these, Magic Bronson translates their self-awareness in good times to sobering moments of individuation and young adulthood. “Fences” becomes a metaphor for the struggle to feel in control and comfortable with both the burden of independence and the act of relinquishing modern anxieties in order to have fun. It’s a juggling act, but a normal part of everyday life, and Magic Bronson captures the paradox beautifully in “Fences”.

Listen to the new single above, and get excited for Wildlife, out this year on War Cry Records.

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